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Sound & Movement in Wuppertal vom 29.09. - 01.10.2023

Description: Sound is a whole body experience. We can express ourselves through sound and let ourselves be touched likewise. In this workshop we will invite our bodies to play with the space between preverbal sounding (laughing, sighing, crying, etc.) up to the more complex differentiated expression of voice (humming, singing, speaking etc.) and finally singing in harmonies with others.
We want to discover listening through the proprioception of the body as well as listening into the distance and into silence. Where can resonance be experienced? How do we relate to the space of our different voices? What arises through harmonic singing?We want to have fun in creating our own body music and experience how to move with sound to feel more satisfied.

29.09.23 from 18 – 21 o’clock
30.09.23 from 10 – 13 o’clock  15 – 18 o’clock
01.10.23 from 10 – 13 o’clock
Please bring your own slippers and seat cushion with you.
Accommodation and meals must be organized by yourself (further information will follow)

Contribution: 150 – 200 € by self-assessment (please bring cash)

Eventlocation: Raum für Körper und Bewusstseinsarbeit, Schmalt 1, 42113 Wuppertal